A New Rank Comes

Canting has been my favorite clan chat ever since I entered into it for the first time at the 2009, Canting Away Winter Festival. From there, I didn’t know what friends I would meet while I was there. I became companions with Full of Pie, Merch Gwyar, Tanyakins, Zachman3334, Kay-luh Bass Daddy, Dr Leviathan, Kitt, Fred and a numerous amount of other people. If I didn’t put your name don’t feel left out, these are the people who popped in my head first :) I’ve always had a conversation to be in while I’m playing and I’ve had a numerous amount of good times. Though, the other day while fishing, and extraordinary event came up. It’s always been my dream to be ranked in Canting, and that day finally came…

Karl gave up his star because he wasn’t playing as much and Merch rewarded me with it! Amg!! I couldn’t believe it. For the first time ever, I was ranked in the Canting Away clan chat! Thanks so much Merch :)

Lately though, my membership has run out, and I’ve been doing nothing fun. I’ve been Firemaking. There’s nothing else to do and I’ve always wanted an adze just to look cool, so for the past few days, I’ve been lighting yews like crazy. Yesterday I got 82 Firemaking and today I got 83 Firemaking. The exp comes fast with yews, and I have plenty of cash, so getting to 92 will be a breeze! Hopefully once I get to 92, I might have the courage and cash to get to 99 :D


Check it Out

I’ve been doing Slayer, Slayer, and more Slayer. Getting an Attack level, then a Defence level, then an Attack level, then a Defence level, and so on and so on. And occasionally a Constitution level. Finally, that Constitution level rolled around. A fire giant task popped up, and before I know it, I achieved 89 Hitpoints and one level away from 120 combat! :D

Afterwards, I was about 50k until 87 Defence. I fought and battled and fought and battled until I finally got 87 Defence and 120 Combat!!! :D Finally! I’m not longer in the teens and am finally in the 20’s! Such an exciting level. I feel so bad :D

Extreme Exp

Wow. Yesterday was absolutely insane. I was so proud of my self. I obtained killer exp. Over 700k yesterday and gaining over 1M exp in just two days. Beast mode!! Half of the exp was from Herblore, but heck, it still counts :)

Picture taken at the end of Monday

As you can tell I’ve been using attack while doing A LOT of Slaying. I got 86 Attack during a dagannoth task. I also had an iron dragon task so that’s where the magic exp comes in :D I got so lucky yesterday. I got my first effigy, dragon platelegs, and I finally got myself two more ferocious rings after going 5 tasks in Kuradel’s dungeon without getting one! So I love that day :) The effigy brought me down to about 4k exp until 80 Slayer! I went ahead to my next task, which was bloodvelds, slayed a few and before I know it…80 Slayer!

Finally I can kill nechryaels! Maybe some good ol’ rune boot drops will be coming in soon :D As you can tell I’m probably tell I’m on a pretty good Slayer streak right now. I’m less than 100k until 89 Hitpoints and once I hit that level I’ll be like 50k from 87 Defence. Those two levels will get me 120 combat!! Woot woot! With all the Slayer drops I’ll be getting I’ll be selling and putting that cash straight to Herblore! I’ve got 81 Sitting in the bank right now. I’m pretty excited. But I’ll let that level come another day. Can’t wait to see how far I progress in the next week or two :D

Also, how bout the new vote for the old wildy and trading? Personally, I’m up for it. I can finally give out Bandos Chestplates for birthdays now :P Haha not really… But I really do want it back. It’d be fun and exciting and without the trade limit, trading with friends and known persons would be so much easier. So go vote :D

I Pissed My Pants

I never get any luck with drops. Out of all my career in boss and slayer kills, I’ve had one dragon skirt, one granite maul, and one Dharok’s helm. That’s it. Finally I get to add dragon platelegs to that list :D

Set Aside

I’ve gotten three Herblore levels the past day. I’ve spent roughly 9-10M on it. I’ve gone from level 77 to level 80. My goal is to get 84 so I can make my first extreme potion! Since it’s going to be quite a bit of money, I’ve decided to always set aside a certain amount. I am never going to drop under 10M. But if I ever have some cash over that, I’m going to spend it on the wonderful skill of Herblore. Right now, I have 19M cash. That’s easily enough for level 81. What I was thinking on doing is saving up enough fro 2 levels. That way to maybe make it go by faster. But the main thing I’m aiming at here, is extreme potions :D

Now, where’s the money going to be coming from? That is probably from Slayer. I’ll be doing nothing but Slayer while I’m not mixing potions. Probably some good ol’ Runecrafting as well if nature runes ever get back up in the market. Along with it all I’ll probably do some easy merching just for some quick cash over night :D

In the Swing of Things

It’s been a wonderful time back in members’ worlds. I’ve Runecrafted some, done quite a bit of combat, and I’ve managed to get the dragon defender. The dragon defender was a hassle. It was overcrowded 90% of the time and I had to wait a couple days before I could actually find a semi-empty world. It took me about 15 minutes to get my first one, then a cyclossus spawned and it dropped my second one. Woot woot! Got the one I need for combat as well as the one I need for a bank stacker :D

Slayer has been the main source of my game play since becoming members again. I’ve gotten done three or four tasks along with a couple hard clue scrolls. Of course, like most clue scrolls, the rewards were crap and weren’t over 100k. But I’ve had a blast slaying monsters again, including waterfiends, terror dogs, fire giants, and jungle strykewyrms. Along with the normal coin drops and occasional rune scimitar drop, what’s missing? Charms! Oh have I loaded up with charms…

Actually, I had enough for 79 Summoning :D Titans would finally be mine! It took me about 70k spirit shards and about 30 minutes of running/teleporting between Piscatoris and Castle Wars but I managed it. I made plenty of giant ents, granite lobsters, and spirit terrorbirds. Finally, I can take titans to multi-combat zones and pwn!

I’m still slaying away and I’m about to come across 86 Defence, I’m nearing to 89 Hitpoints, and 80 Slayer is inching its way towards me. Soon enough, many levels along the lines of combat will be mine. :)

Getting Prepared

At the moment, I am almost certain I’m going to become members again. Christmas break is drawing near. I can count down the school days left on one foot. That means an extraordinary amount of free time that can be used getting back up with the rock of members. Right now I’ve got a list of tasks I want to do the second I’m allowed on the members world again. I’ll list them here in order of importance:

1. Farm! Get some toadflax and sweetcorn seeds and get back on the groove of Farming :)

2. Get that new Dragon Defender. Yes it doesn’t look the greatest, but the Strength bonus will be much appreciated.

3. Try out Runecrafting with the ability to have my bank opened and fill my pouches. Runecrafting runs are going to be much quicker.

4. Herblore Habitat. I haven’t heard much feedback on how good it is but the new potions look pretty sweet!

5. Buy my armour back. Get Torag’s, whip, dragon boots, full slayer helm, and then go slay and possible kill some God Wars Dungeon monsters.

6. Elite tasks. I can do a few, so why not get them out of the way?

That’s all I have for now. Most of these are important updates I’ve missed while being non-members. If there’s any other important updates that I’ve missed since about September, let me know because I’m sure I’ll be dying to try them out again. Mmmmm, I can smell members since it’s so close!